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System Update Issue


New Member
Hello, I recently tried updating the Linux Kubuntu system at work. I left it to update and went about my day doing other things around the office and when I went to check on the computer the monitor was off but the system unit was still on. I had to turn off the system unit manually and then put it back on. It reached to the GRUB menu and when i tried to boot the system the normal way, the monitor turned off again but the system unit seemed to stay on. I had to turn off the computer manually again and went to the advance options in the GRUB menu to boot with an older version of linux and that worked. I can see that the system shows that it updated from the 3.0v to the 4.0v but when i tried to boot it the normal way it just keeps blacking out and I'd have to restart it manually and boot with the 3.0v. Is there any way to fix this "failed" update issue to be able to use the 4.0v?

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