System partition using BTRFS limit free space because use reserved space ?


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Installed Lubuntu 20.04 in an BTRFS 12 GB.
Few software installed.
One strange detail is that installing software that use less of 200 MB the free space is extremely less than the software installation size really is using.
One time the system not had started freezing in login screen not being possible to continue to user login.
After using boot menu and selecting recovery menu was displayed that not had free space in system partition. 0 MB free space.
After using windows and using an BTRFS file driver was displayed 4 GB free space that not is displayed in Lubuntu system.
BTRFS not is compressing any file in partition.

When installing Lubuntu or other distro in an BTRFS partition that file system allocate reserved space that not is available to system or the system reserve and space size ?
If yes how is possible disable that feature ? If is possible disable that feature can create problems ?
Thanks for reply.

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