System lockup on new install - how do I interpret the logs?


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Aug 21, 2018
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I've installed Kubuntu 19.04 and I must say it is running beautifully (much better than 18.04 did on my machine, it didn't like hardware for some reason) for 2+ weeks and then I had my first lockup. It looked like a video issue (which seems to be happening on both my Linux systems. Nvidia cards on both...) b/c I got some strange random pixels, like the whole screen was squished vertically to fit into 40-50 pixels high (out of 1080). I'm running synergy KVM, so IDK if that makes a difference.

I ran KSystemLog and when the log was loaded I clicked on "System Log" and there were many pages of entries in red as well as on the Journald log (red is critical message). I really don't know how to look at these like I did with Windows logs and I don't know where to start really.

I'm worried about system security b/c I'm not 100% sure Synergy KVM is secure enough (been considering not using SSL encryption and maybe running everything over an SSH tunnel??) and I'm wondering if there is a hardware issue or something else I need to figure out.

Can anyone give me some direction on how to look at these logs or know of any good guides on how to learn about reading them?

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