sysadmin resources for dummies?


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Hello World! I'm what I would call an "experienced novice". I've been using computers for 30 years or so, 4 of which have been with various Linux systems (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu based, etc). I'm looking for resources that I can grasp on my technical level and aren't over-complicated/out-dated. What I'm specifically looking to do is enable system-wide parameters upon user creation. i.e. when I do fresh installs of Linux with Gnome, have all extensions already setup and available for all system users, as well as keyboard shortcuts for any programs, terminal, etc remain consistent.

What I'm doing now is extremely inefficient. Setup user1, install extensions, edit keyboard shortcuts, setup wifi/battery/sleep parameters, etc. Repeat with users 2, 3, and 4, and so on. I'm aware of things I need to do on some level, I said....I'm still somewhat at a novice level. And while I would certainly appreciate someone telling me what I need to do to accomplish the goals stated above, what I would appreciate even more would be easy to digest system administration documentation/resources. Even if it's a YouTube or LBRY channel that perhaps I'm unaware of.

Thank you in advance!


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This can be done with Jenkins, Chef, or Puppet.
A no-cost solution could be done with ansible.

Redhat/Fedora/CentOS has something called kickstart that can be customized
and scripted during the install. Create custom filesystems, add custom users, setup sudo permissions, install custom software, setup custom network parameters, (even Wifi), add multiple disks, pretty much anything you can do in a Linux command can be done. This is free also.

Likely there is something similar for Ubuntu, but I haven't found it yet.

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