syntax error near unexpected token ('


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well,I know how to solve this problem after goole,however,my situation is rather more embrassed!my document have blank,and linux regard my document as two different parts,I want to know how to solve this issue.I'll be rather grateful for your help!Thanks!


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More information would help.

What are you doing or trying to do?
I'm sorry,I forget the way to ask a question.Well,I want to move my document,and can only do it during linux environment due to ip tools like Winscp and so on can not help me.
following picture is my situation!

Thanks for your help!

And I have a little interest about your name 'arochester',what dose it mean.

Thanks again!
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G'day @mantingfeng and welcome to :)

I am moving this Thread to Command Line, where questions on scripting are better answered.

Good luck

Chris Turner


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Good morning,

I'm having a hard time trying to see part of your command.. looks like you're blocking a domain name perhaps. can copy/paste the commands along with the errors and paste them here?


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It's because you have a space in your file-name. You need to escape the space by pre-pending it with a backslash character. Just like you did with the brackets around the 4.
mv video\ \(4\).mp4 /path/to/destination/
Thank you very much!I had solved this issue as your advise.
Thanks again!

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