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Syncing podcasts with Rythmbox


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Sep 23, 2021
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Hello, I'm new here, writing from France ! I'm trying to rid myself of iTunes and the last windows computer in our household. BUT I use an iPod Classic alot and am having problems with my Podcasts. So Far:
  1. I copied all music from iPod to Rythmbox and managed to have the podcast separate out to the podcast folder which didn't happen automatically.
  2. Put my iPod back to zero, all emptied out
  3. Successfully subscribed to desired podcasts and downloaded some.
  4. Successfully synced the music back from Rythmbox to the iPod.
  5. Syncing the podcasts is where the problem lies. I pressed syncronise, and it showed it doing so. If I clicked the icon of my iPod in Rythmbox I see the list of podcasts in my iPod but if I click on the "podcasts" button just below, it shows zero. I also show 0 podcasts in my iPod itself once ejected !
HELP please and thank you ?

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