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Switching to linux - OpenSuse or Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by p8r, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. p8r

    p8r Guest


    After many years spent on Mac and Windows, I decided to switch to Linux. I really like the fancy things in both OS but for my work I need stability and power instead of fancy things. I tried many distros in the last couple of weeks, and now my two finalist are Ubuntu or OpenSuse. Both of them has pros and cons, and I can't decide which one should be the best choice.
    What would you suggest? What's the better (mainly I use my notebook as a web developer)?

  2. netwar

    netwar Guest

    Well either of them are good choices but for netbooks/laptops i would recommend OpenSuse unless you have at least 2gigs of ram, if I could make a suggestio(unless you already tried it) look at Linux mint, it is super windows like and designed to gently step you into linux.
  3. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    +1 OpenSUSE (try the LXDE version on a notebook) . . .

    unless a person goes only with the LTS version because he/she absolutely "has to have" a 'buntu!
  4. p8r

    p8r Guest

    Hi netwar and pane-free!

    Since my question I decided the thing, I installed OpenSUSE. I've got 6gigs of RAM so it works like a charm. I think Ubuntu is also great but I found a lot of bugs inside and I had some hardware problems (videocard) as well. OpenSUSE is stable and fast, now I just don't understand what the hell I did on Windows for 14 years. :) I checked Linux Mint too, it seems also a good alternative. Maybe I give a try on an other partition.
  5. netwar

    netwar Guest

    Hahaha its great to know you had a good first experience, I was raised on the Unix commandline so it was a bad experience for me at schools, they use only windows XP. Hope you have fun with your new setup!
  6. ArchMint

    ArchMint Guest

    Debian is stable (That's it's main goal, I think) and it looks nice too.
  7. Lanum

    Lanum Guest

    I would have chosen ubuntu since its based on debian. opensuse is good but i like the debian ecosystem which is vast.

    Video ? you can get it stable.

    my preferance is xubuntu > compiz > emerald

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