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A rather interesting video from the guy who creates the "Switched To Linux" videos. He has posted quite a number of Linux related videos. I have watched some of them and found a few to be interesting.

He just posted a video declaring that PayPal has closed his account for no apparent reason.
I have no idea of the background of this or if PayPal may have had a valid reason.

What I do find interesting is people trusting PayPal with their money.
Years ago when I first thought of opening a PayPal account I printed out a hard copy of all their Terms of Service, User Agreement, EULA, etc. - all 90 pages. And I then read all 90 pages before deciding whether or not to open an account. It very clearly states in PayPal's documentation that they do not have to give you your money if they do not want to! Very interesting I thought to myself. (Yeah, I'm one of those 'weirdos' who actually reads license agreements and TOS.)

I did open a PayPal account but I do not deposit or leave any money in the account! I have seen many stories about PayPal freezing or closing peoples accounts and not communicating with them the reasons why.



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Yes, interesting details. But the same holds true for most any banking institution. They treat your money as theirs and charge you for using your money. Been going on for centuries. Now the bankers and insurance agencies appear to be running the world. I encourage all to close their banking accounts and go with a Credit Union, as the laws govening the latter are somewhat more in favor of consumers with the latter than the former. But don't believe me! Check into it yourselves.

Remember I said I would soon have to lay low? The time has come. I have evidences increased surveillance (even here on this site) so, au revoir or whatever the French say until after the elections. getting out of paypay and netflix and closing my subscription to the Seattle Times. Take care, all!
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