Swap All Files between 2 drives that are both almost full


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I found a Windows batch script on a website but would like to learn how to do it on Linux. Can anyone please help?

SOURCE: https://superuser.com/questions/508613/program-to-swap-files-between-drives

The simplest way is writing a small script (batch file) would be sufficient.
Assuming you have 1.5Tb on one of the drives, identify three blocks of 1.5Tb on each drive and write a batch file that will do the job.
You may also semi-automate this process. Assuming you are on Windows, want to copy drives X:and Y:, and each file is smaller than your free space (1.5Tb).
Robocopy which is a part of Windows 2003 resource kit tools

--- start script ---
: repeat
robocopy X:\ Y:\From_X /MOVE /XD From_Y
if errorlevel 2 GOTO cont


: cont
robocopy Y:\ X:\From_Y /MOVE /XD From_X
if errorlevel 2 GOTO repeat

IF "%FIRST_OK"="1" GOTO end
GOTO repeat

: end
move X:\From_Y X:\
move Y:\From_X Y:\

--- end script ---

See this link for errorlevel's returned by robocopy. 2 or higher means yet not done.
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