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Dear all,
I made a lot of fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux and generated them as *.ttf. I also created svg-graphiks from them (two examples The svgs should be installed on the user’s own computer and connected as a relative link to a text which describes the fonts (see attachment). I described the procedure as follows:

Linux (/home/FFN1/*.svg): To make the fonts available see [23.11.2019] and [23.11.2019]. Create in “/home” a file named “FFN1” and copy all the glyphs in it. To make them available for the browser ………….

My questions are:
Is the link /Home/FFN1/*.svg possible or is there a better way for a relative link?
How do I activate the svg with a browser installed in Linux? I don’t want to connect the svg with a separate program.

Thanks in advance


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