SuperTux 2 Level Editor – Badguys


Jarret W. Buse

SuperTux 2 Level Editor – Badguys

A game is not complete without opponents. In SuperTux, these are referred to as “The Badguys”.

NOTE: Detailed information for each type can be found at

When creating levels, you need to include some Badguys to make the level more challenging to Tux. Keep in mind that some Badguys can be killed by jumping on them, others are only affected by a snowball or fireball.

Some Badguys are “living”, such as Snowball, while others are not, such as Stalactite.

Each Badguy has a feature which will lend itself to be used in a snow Level, jungle Level or other. Try to be consistent in matching a level with the world and the Badguy with the level.

Looking at Figure 1, these are the Badguys. In the Level Editor, you can hover the mouse cursor over a Badguy to see their name. Each row has four objects. Not all objects are Badguys. I will name those objects which are not Badguys as well as the Badguys themselves. Each Badguy has a link to specific information about it.

Figure 1.jpg



Cursor – used to select objects already on the map
Background – not a Badguy
Gradient - not a Badguy
Mr. Bomb –


Haywire –
Short Fuse -
Snowball -
Mrs. Snowball -


Captain Snowball -
Snowshot -
Crystallo -
Stalactite - not a Badguy


Mr. Ice Block -
Bouncing Snowball -
Flying Snowball -
Jumpy -


Spiky -
Sleep Spiky -
Flame -
Fish -


Snowman -
Owl -
Ice Crusher - block of ice with eyes that precipitates if Tux passes underneath. It is indestructible.
Dispenser – Portal from which specified Badguys are dispensed, see later in this article


Mr. Tree - no documentation exists on Badguy
Stumpy - no documentation exists on Badguy
Poison Ivy -
Walking Leaf -


Zeekling -
Dart - no documentation exists on Badguy
Snail -
Totem - no documentation exists on Badguy


Kugelblitz - no documentation exists on Badguy
Angry Stone - no documentation exists on Badguy
Spider Mite - no documentation exists on Badguy
Willo Wisp -

ROW 10

Dart Trap - no documentation exists on Badguy
Skullyhop -
Igel -
Toad -

ROW 11

Mole -
Yeti – Boss
Stalactite Yeti – object used by Boss
Ghost Tree – no documentation exists on Badguy

ROW 12

Decal - not a Badguy
Spawn Point - not a Badguy
Reset Point (Firefly) - not a Badguy
Door - not a Badguy

ROW 13

Spotlight - not a Badguy
Magic Block - not a Badguy
Lantern - not a Badguy
Candle - not a Badguy

ROW 14

Switch - not a Badguy
Push Button - not a Badguy
ISpy - not a Badguy
Trampoline - not a Badguy

ROW 15

Rock - not a Badguy
Flying Platform - not a Badguy
Hurting Platform - not a Badguy
Unstable Tile - not a Badguy

ROW 16

Weak Block - not a Badguy
Bonus Block - not a Badguy
Info Block - not a Badguy
PowerUp - not a Badguy

ROW 17

Scripted Object - not a Badguy
Wind - not a Badguy
Ambient Sound - not a Badguy
Sequence Trigger - not a Badguy

ROW 18

Script Trigger - not a Badguy
Invisible Wall - not a Badguy
Secret Area - not a Badguy
Rain Particles - not a Badguy

ROW 19

Ghost Particles - not a Badguy
Snow Particles - not a Badguy
Cloud Particles - not a Badguy
Thunderstorm - not a Badguy

ROW 20

Pneumatic Platform - not a Badguy
Bicycle Platform - not a Badguy

To place Badguys is easy. Select the Object Tool icon and select the Interactive Layer. Select your Badguy and then place it on an Interactive Layer where Tux can go as well. With a Badguy selected, you can see the Properties include a Direction. Set to “Auto” will make the Badguy move toward Tux when the level starts. When a Badguy bumps into a block, it will go the other direction. The Direction can be set to automatically start the Level as left or right. If the Badguy gets to a drop off or cliff end, it will simply fall off.

Read about each Badguy and then practice with them.

The Dispenser is a useful tool for placing Badguys into a level. The Dispenser should be placed as needed depending on the Dispenser Type. Once placed, the Properties have a few settings you can use to configure the Dispenser as you wish.

  • Cycle – number of seconds before next Badguy is dispensed (default is 5)
  • Random – Badguys in Badguy list will be dispensed in the order they are listed if Random is unchecked. If Random is checked, they come out of Dispenser in a random order
  • Dispenser Type – determines how Badguys are dispensed
    • Dropper – Badguys simply fall out of the Dispenser to the ground below (place above the ground, dropper is unbreakable)
    • Cannon – appears as a cannon which dispenses Badguys (can be placed anywhere, but best looking on ground, but cannon is unbreakable)
    • Rocketlauncher – looks like a cannon, but it can swivel to drop Badguys on either side of it (can be on ground, but Tux can break it by jumping on it)
  • Direction – See Direction information above (Auto will not cause a dispensed Badguy to go toward Tux, it can be random)

Play around and test the Dispenser and the various Badguys.

NOTE: Do not ad the Ice Crusher to the Dispenser, it will cause the Dispenser to fail while two Ice Crushers cannot work together. For an impossible level, drop a Yeti from the Dispenser.


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