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Jarret W. Buse

Super Tux 2

For those people who are fans of Super Mario World, there is Super Tux 2. The game is an Open-Source Project for a Super Mario World alternative.

To get the game, Debian users can find it in Synaptic as “supertux”. The game can be downloaded with apt-get by using the command “sudo apt-get install supertux”. The package can also be found at the website:

NOTE: Super Tux 2 is available also for Windows and Mac OS X.
Just like Super Mario World, Super Tux 2 is a side-scrolling 2 dimensional game. Once installed and the game is started, the controls are very easy. The arrow keys are self-explanatory. To jump, use the Spacebar. The Action key, by default, is the Left Control on the keyboard. Be aware that the game does recognize an XBOX 360 controller. Once the game is started, the default keys can be changed in the Options menu under “Setup Keyboard”. You can also change the controls for other controller types (XBOX 360 controller) under “Setup Joystick”.

The game play is easy if you know any of the Super Mario games. The objective is to save Penny. There are many levels to get through to accomplish this task. Along the way, there are Power-ups to assist you. The Power-ups are in a blue block with a question mark on it as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.jpg


When you hit the block from underneath, you will get one of the following items from it:

  • Coin – By gathering 100 coins you gain a free life
  • Egg – Makes Tux grow so he can smash through boxes when jumping into them.
  • Boxes can also be smashed by jumping and pressing the down key when walking on them.
  • Fireflower – once Tux has found an egg, the fireflower allows him to throw fireballs when the Action button is pressed. Fireballs can kill the bad guys
  • Iceflower – same as the Fireflower, but tux throws ice balls. The bad guys hit by them will freeze, except for snow and ice enemies
  • Tux Doll – if caught, gives you an extra life
  • Star – makes Tux invincible to almost all hazards

Some of the Bad Guys in the Icy World are:

  • Bouncing Snowball
  • Flame
  • FlyingSnowball
  • Jumpy
  • Mr. Bomb
  • Mr. IceBlock
  • Snowball
  • Spiky
  • Stalactite
  • Fish
More information about the Bad Guys can be found at Here, you can also determine if a fire ball or ice ball will work on each enemy as well as being squish-able when jumped on by Tux.
There are also special objects within the game which can be useful. The first is the bell. When Tux dies within a level, he must start the level over if a life remains. Once a bell is touched, then that place is a checkpoint. When Tux dies, he will restart the level at the checkpoint.

There are doors which when Tux enters, he will be taken to another point in the level. These are basic shortcuts.
Secret blocks are useful. These blocks appear when Tux jumps in a certain place. The blocks can then be used to climb higher or to reach specific spots.

Switches can be useful. A switch is used to stop water, open blocked passages, etc. The switch is activated by pressing “Up” key. Other switches are color coordinated to match a spot which the switch is used to activate something.

Within certain levels, platforms may be placed to allow Tux to move from one area to another. A platform is a moving object on which Tux can stand. Some only move when Tux gets on it. Other platforms move constantly. Other platforms require a switch to be activated for the platform to move.

Info blocks are green blocks with an exclamation mark on it. These blocks provide you with information about certain objects and what they do in the game. These can be very handy when new things are found.
For Tux to jump higher than normal, there are trampolines. Press the jump button to make Tux jump higher than normal when on one.

There are magic blocks which can be seen when Tux has a magic lantern. The light of the lantern illuminates the block so it can be seen.

Finally, there is wind which transports Tux to other areas of the current level. Wind exists in few levels.
In the game, some objects can be carried. These items are:

  • squished Mr. IceBlock
  • Rock
  • Trampoline
  • Mr. Bomb

To carry the item, press the Action key and hold it. Release the Action key to drop the item.

When Tux is Big or has Fireball ability, you can press Down and the Jump key to make Tux do a backflip. When this is done, Tux can jump higher than normal without running first. In some versions, Tux will lose his Fire Hat when doing the backflip.

I hope you try out the game and enjoy it.


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