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Nov 17, 2019
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Hi Everyone,
I've been using windows since 3.1 came out. I'm on 7 now but XP was my favorite. I'd like to get some recommendations for a Linux OS that's easy to use, has fairly good support and can run some things that windows uses (Play on linux?). I was thinking of setting up a dual boot for 7 and Linux but am worried about goofing that up. Being a senior doesn't help. Not as sharp as I used to be. I've got a desktop computer which is a: Dual core, CPUE5400 @ 2.7 GHZ with 4 GB of ram. I don't do any gaming. Mostly just searching and saving things of interest. I do like music and having the ability to burn my own discs. That's all I can think of right now. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks ...... AR

Thank you arochester. I did some checking around and Zorin has PlayOnLinux and Wine, but I don't know how good the support is for Zorin. Something else I need to do is get a larger HD. Mine is only 250gb EDIT: I looked through the manual and it looks like a very complex setup which would be better for a more experienced user. Also it would be helpful to have a screenshot while installing so you'll have a record of what you did correctly or incorrectly. I've had to use a camera (not a phone) in the distant past when I was trying to partition a drive. That's ridiculous. Last it would be really great if they could put some small help tips on setup pages. There's usually more than enough room.
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well firefox is a pretty similar experience whether Windows or Linux . if your depends are little then 250gig would be good for one distro; maybe tight for two long term. Windows 10 needs 30 gig ,the way it works . Now easy to use is a difficult one to answer, since anyone can do click click but then when you don't know whats going on and not how to fix it, then its not easy to use?

When you understand whats going on and do things mainly manually , is that not the same as easy to use ?

Probable way to start is to get a dvd free disk from linux format or other magazine, pop that in dvd drive and boot from dvd drive. you can't do any harm and thus can play around see how menus work etc. Knoppix is quick
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