SteamCMD Game Server on Synology - Docker?


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Help a NOOB!

So I've had my Synology DS918+ for a while now and really like it so far.
It runs a custom linux (DSM 6.2) which is both good and bad as it turns out.
I need to install a working game server for games like cs:go, minecraft, ark.
Problem: There are no ready-to-use server packets available for installation on DSM.
DSM offers VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) and Docker.
From my understanding running the server from another linux VM (or god forbid full fat windows server) inside DSM would cause a big performance hit because of the Hypervisor. So the next best thing to running ubuntu/debian on bare metal would be to use docker. I don't want to ruin my DSM and docker seems to offer exactly the separation I'm looking for while executing native commands directly from the kernel.
So far installed the docker package from synology app manager, registered and mounted some game server docker images and managed to get a minecraft server running within a docker container following a dertailed tutorial. All using Docker Wizard built into DSM.

Tried multiple docker csgo servers, none work. ("steam not running")
Tried steamcmd docker, was able to successfully execute commands from Steam> such as logging into steam account, downloading and verifying cs:go app. But cannot start the server.

If I type "quit" it closes the whole docker container and the whole downloaded game (17 GB) gets deleted. I use the built in terminal bash within DSM (web interface). Do I have to use Putty and SSH into the docker container on the Syology NAS? How do I do it? I understand running docker commands like starting the server from within the container (Synology docker GUI) won't work.
I've now found out how to SSH into DSM as root but stuck from there. Where do I execute the "docker run" etc. commands?
Need to execute commands like:

docker run \
-d \
-p 27015:27015/tcp \
-p 27015:27015/udp \
-p 27020:27020/udp \
-p 27020:27020/tcp \
-e "SERVER_HOSTNAME=hostname" \
-e "SERVER_PASSWORD=password" \
-e "RCON_PASSWORD=rconpassword" \
-e "STEAM_ACCOUNT=gamelogintoken" \



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Hi @Loading-------- and welcome to :)

Regrets on your wait. This is not a site big on Gaming, but we do have a number of Gamers amongst us, also those with some Docker expertise, I expect.

I hope someone is along soon to help you.

Good luck

Chris Turner


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For your NAS Synology you can use the docker image hazzie/lgsmbase and then follow instructions given on the official lgsm website.

I’ve been able to run a CSGO server or a Quake3 server on my NAS with that way :)
I intend to write a tutorial but let know if you need additional details about that ;)

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