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The RASPI is a great board and a great price for what you get. However there appear to be, on paper anyway, some ideas that SHOULD just blow it away performance wise. Yet that dosnt seem to happen,, or no ones has tried it yet.

For example RASPI4 - Quad core 1.5GHZ 4GB ram, Wifi/BT - seems like a capable but small desktop. Then you have something like the MT6797X - DECA CORE (10), in 3 groups, 2 that max at 2.6ghz, 4 that max at 2ghz and 4 that max at 1.6ghz. 4GB ram BT, wifi etc.

SO am building a "tablet/laptop" Its WAY thicker than any tablet has a need to be, but since Im using the RASPI4 as my base I have a certain thickness to deal with. The "laptop" part of it is 99% for my writing as you can see form above, I need a full keyboard. Im even working with Dragon and its alternatives and I spend 2x as much time editing as I do creating.

Then there is the battery. If man had invested a fraction of the time in inventing battery tech as we have cpu tech, we'd be driving cross country on 2 AAA's. I despise laptop batteries, and most decent tablets don't seem to have much more, so I had one built for me that seems to go a good 10hours, but its a deck of cards sized.

My question is though, if you can buy a board with the MTK6797 and you can there are several, and they are no anywhere NEAR the RASPI price, but on paper, they should SMOKE the RASPI right?

But they don't seem to. I know part of the issue is the SW. right now most big/little SOC/SBC seem to be targeted at smartphone's, and some have Linux barely shoehorned on them, but Ive owned tablets at the top of their range and they dont seem to perform the way paper says they might. So obviously androids not a serious contender either.

So am I missing something? Or is there a hole in the market there because the facts prove that the RASPI4 really IS the best solution?

any and all ideas accepted. And if you know where I can get a Big/Little board at a decent price ($100 isn't too far out, and it seems smartfly makes a heliosH20 board fpr that price) please let me know.

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