Startup stops at grub> prompt


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Mar 17, 2021
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I have just installed Mint on an Asus VivoMini UN45. The install seemed to work OK, but when I start up the computer it stops at the grub> prompt. I then have to type EXIT in order for it load Linux.

What instructions should I enter at the grub> prompt in order to make it load straight into Linux?

the odd thing (at least to me) is i always assumed that if you get a grub prompt, it means your system can not find the necessary or does not know where the elements such as the partition where root install is , initrd and vmlinuz . So i'm surprised after just typing exit, it boots ?
what video card is in that machine?
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Glad you got it going :)
sounds like the original download was corrupt in some way [it dose happen]

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