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So a short background first and foremost.

I've known about linux since highschool (about 10 or so years ago), always liked it but never really used it much... why? Games that's why! I've always liked playing video games (like most people) and many of those which I liked only worked on windows, not even Wine or similar workarounds worked on them.

Often I'd try dual boots and whatnot but some times would mess up partitions or something and regardless since I wanted to play games and spend most time on Windows anyway I rarely used linux... (I think I had either OpenSUSE or Mint at that time, or both actually lol).

Anyway, recently I built a gaming PC, but I've been craving linux again, so I asked my dad if he had any old laptops and he did have one (not terrible mind you, 4GB of RAM woo) and I'm now running Manjaro <3

Now, the best part is, since this is another computer I can use linux exclusively, and can use it for work and portability :3

And what should I do with it? Well, I decided that I'd get back to gamedev, so I remembered that I had bought a humble bundle with sprite sheets I could get them and then make games on the go.


I had a BUNCH of .zip files, and they were on the downloads folder... I wanted to unzip them all AND have them somewhere else.

TERMINAL! After a quick google I learned that you can do
mv *.zip Sprites
to have them ALL go there in one go and then
unzip '*.zip'
to unzip them all in an instant!

Wow, I know this is basic stuff but I can already start to feel how powerful the terminal can be.

Linux, I'm sorry I haven't used you for longer <3

PS: Did I mention that even though I have a gaming PC with double the RAM and etc it's actually slower than this cranky laptop? I mean it has 2 left clicks and 2 right clicks, a touch pad AND a mouse "nipple" lmao.


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That's not all. Imagine you have downloaded a bunch of debian packages (LibreOffice for instance). That program in the brackets comes with about 20 separate 'deb' packages all of which you must install to use LibreOffice. So you open a terminal in the dir where these 'deb' files are and type:
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
In Windows you would have to double click each file and waste maybe an hour to install them, whereas in Linux it's a simple command for this task and the installation happens in less than a minute! ;)

R.I.P., Windows!
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Just a note to the above, that should be

sudo dpkg -i *.deb
@Madcowe - always uplifting to read a Post such as yours.

If you like, I can move this Thread to Member Introductions, because the first paragraph does just that - tells us a bit about you and finding Linux, and you will get to meet a few more of The Gang.


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Yes, you're right, wiz, my mistake. Was a bit sleepy when I wrote that post. Fixed it now.


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What I think really shows off the power of Linux is when you dual boot. Reboot Linux to Linux and it's done in 1-2 minutes, logged in ready to go. Reboot Windows to Windows (on the same machine) and it take 5-10 minutes before you can even log in. That says a LOT to me. :)


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boot to windows.......and when you eventually get there you endure incompetence at the highest level. I have this 'thing' that msft have been in business for a long time.;..a very long time (4 April 1975). It is reasonable to expect (IMHO) that they would have an operating system that is second to none, given all the 'practise' they have had and the number of people they pay to do their bidding, programme, etc etc etc....

The reality is quite different. Take a look on any of the "help" sites dedicated to windows 10 etc, and they have a business model that is just not going to die anytime soon. The problems go on and on and on......if it isn't bsod's or update failings, it is something else. It is ONGOING. No respite.

Linux had its start in 1991.
While many may disagree/debate over its direction since then....we would, I think, all admit/agree that every distro that Linux etc has in its a damn better choice than its windows counterpart.

It would not be a monumental surprise that some distro has had a bsod or an update problem, but in my limited experience I have not seen anything as catastrophic as the current dramas that assail windows 10 or win 8.
And before anyone jumps in and says '''''but windows has games"...and it has msft office.
MSft office has the same "grip" on the world as the OS. It holds it crown by virtue of it is placed in far too many government departments etc etc to be easily got rid of.
Games.....same as above....It has a grip established on the gaming community. The gaming community is thankful for that. (Even if they do pay through the nose for it)

I didnt say it would be easy.
But it can be done.
Open Source is the answer. Provided greed can be held at bay.

Perhaps the path will start here at ......maybe we have a mad hat programmer in our midst who is about to set the world on fire.

It only takes the will. Bill Gates had the will. It can and will happen again.

I only hope the paths are less cluttered and that the $ people keep their distance.(now there's a challenge !)

Come on penguin....stand up strut your stuff.

rant over. for now.


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@Condobloke , the main difference between linux and windows is that I have only heard about the linux' black screen of death, whereas I have actually seen the windows' blue screen of death.


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After a quick google I learned that you can do
You get good at Googling with Linux :) Also give DuckDuckGo a try, it is Linux-friendly.

If you get an error, and you can copy and paste it exactly, go to your search engine and type

linux "details my error"

... with your error pasted between the quotes. You can also put solved after the quotes

linux "details my error" solved

to narrow a large result.

Also, people using Linux Mint will often dismiss the Welcome Screen, I don't, it has handy links, including documentation of all sorts.

If you have dismissed it and want it back to try, go to Menu and start to type in Welcome, and boot with it every time.



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