Squid/Anonymous Proxy Feasibility Check


Jan 1, 2020
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Before smacking my head on the complications/specifics of setting up a proxy with Squid, I would like to request a sanity check on my plan. I am not asking any detailed questions at this point, I am just trying to validate the feasibility of my plan.

My objective is to run the internet connection on an android phone through an anonymous proxy on a linux server. To make this work, the proxy has to be installed/configured on the linux server and the android has to direct its internet activity to the proxy. Right off the bat, I am not certain this is feasible.

The linux server is running as a web server now, with five domains. No problems there. Is it reasonable to put a proxy on the server without affecting the web sites? The websites have nothing to do with the proxy.

The linux server is running Debian 10. I have installed Squid. My plan is to configure Squid as an anonymous proxy for http and https traffic.
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