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Discussion in 'Database' started by forufx, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. forufx

    forufx Guest

    Hi every one this is

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    What is the SQL in PHP?
  2. @arochester I am shocked that you did not notice this was put in the wrong category. I moved it from "Site Announcements" to "Linux Server -> Database".
  3. Mike Adham

    Mike Adham Guest


    SQL server 2005 driver for PHP is a Microsoft-supported extension of PHP 5 which provide data access of SQL Server 2005 and SQL server 2008 here the extension provides a procedural interface for accessing data in all editions of multiple SQL Server such as 2005 and 2008 SQL server. The API on the SQL server 2005 drive provides an excellent data access solution for PHP, & which includes the support for the multiple feature including Windows Authentication, transaction, parameter binding, metadata access, error handling, connection pooling.

    I guess whatever the info I try to convey you regarding your query may help you and if you need more info for the same Let me Know!!

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