Spotify on Linux is a joke?


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can anybody change loudness normalization setting?
my settings will have no effect is fixed at meassured -11 LUFS, which coresponds to the "loud" setting. this means even paying I am only able to get music in limited dynamic range.
speaking of quality: the quality setting doesn't seam to have any effect, too.
there is no change in the "prefs" file whatsover.
we are probably restricted to the "normal" quality setting even PAYING for higher quality.

I suggest you guys to open the prefs file in ~/.config/spotify and look for any changes in it when you change those settings.
Also who ever knows how to, meassure the loudness level of the output. one tool which does this is
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I have never played with those settings but I just have, the file that gets edited is the following file.
However the setting doesn't get saved until you exit the settings, so as long as you are in the settings nothing is changed. After you exit the settings that file gets saved and the timestamp is updated.
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