Sporatic Booting from DVDs


Ed Manchester

I Recently got a new computer and of course one of the first things I start doing with all of this new power is make a few live DVDs to try out some distros I couldn't before with my old computer (Which couldn't boot from USB and didn't have a DVD drive.) I was able boot Linux Mint, Ubuntu and ZorinOS, all of which I liked very much, but when I tried booting KNOPPIX, Puppy Linux and PeppermintOS, the machine would ignore the disks and boot Windows like it normally would. this is a little disheartening to me. Everything looks to be in order in the BIOS or UEFI (whichever it is) and I used the correct software to burn the ISO images I am able to view the files on the DVDs if I so desire. They're all there.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone knows what is wrong with my computer.



The problem is probably in OS detection. Your system is more then likely UEFI enabled so if the UEFI does not detect an EFI boot file on the disks it may not try to boot from it.


I agree with @ryanvade -- it is likely UEFI is the issue. You MAY be able to boot other distros if you get into your UEFI settings and make some changes. Some examples of things that are often needed:

1. Disable fast boot
2. Disable Secure Boot
3. Enable Legacy Mode (sometimes called CSM)

You could also try other UEFI-ready distros, such as Fedora or openSUSE. Be sure to always get the 64-bit ISO files too! Good luck!

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