Some pretty neat alternatives to the traditional Unix tools:


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I actually use/have used a couple of them. The tldr and glances are two that I've used quite a bit. I've tinkered with a few of the others but not really turned to them as regular tools. I am absolutely going to give 'cheat' a try, as I think it may be an excellent tool for newbies.

Either way, it's a pretty great list.


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Without having taken a deeper look to them, most of those tools seem more a curses-interactive shell tool rather than a proper replacement. The "to be replaced" tools are posix compliant, hence you can use pipes and the exit codes in some scripting. Useful, but unless providing a script-friendly behaviour, not quite a replacement for automation purposes.

Those capabilities are the ones that "allow users to quickly write their own applications" since 1985 as this glorious issue of the Computer Chronicles show hehe
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