<SOLVED> Slackware install boots straight to grub prompt??


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Feb 13, 2020
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Hey guys I r4ally wanna give Slackware a try but had some trouble installing.

I booted Slackware from a usb and it goes straight to a grub prompt >


I typed boot . Then it says I need to load the kernel first. I tried to look this up on google found a few comments , tried a few commands:


The commands didn’t work properly. I’m dual booting and have 2 main disk partitions and a small swap partition.

I was expecting Slackware to go straight to a gui desktop becuse it was live version but it just boots straight to grub prompt >

I’m a little out of my depth with this but I’m willing to learn and I’m determined to get Slackware installed ,upping and running.anybody had this issue before or have any ideas for a solution???

well then you now have to put "slackware user" on your CV :^) its a very select VIP group of well meaning eccentrics ! i had a play with Alien Bobs xfce iso for live ; its so advanced slpkg is actually behind but slackpkg works. So i'm going to keep my usb for maybe doing fsck etc

so out of interest is wifi working - if not will be you a few hints
don't rush into slackware main install yet . i bit of investigations , questions to be asked first ...
wifi works fine entered password was up and running instantly!

i have run into issues trying to install from live to hard drive using the setup2hd script!

i read online setup2hd script is inlcuded but i couldnt find it so i downloaded it created a bash file called setup2hd.sh and copied the code for setup2hd from slackware website into my setup2hd.sh file.

i then used command line:
Chmod +x setup2hd.sh
Chmod 777 setup2hd.sh

i then goto run the script


and prompted for password and nothing happens

i tried to look this issue up and i read somewhere something about mounting /home/media or something along those lines

Im still determined! I know the grind and steep learning curve will bear fruit for my understanding and learning of linux!
No i don't think you can go that way yet. live is just live and the xfce live isn't a full package anyway its to see if you can get it up and it works on hard ware . live from usb would have had persistence but cd disk wouldn't be .

but the best way to install slackware fully is to boot a usb stick using the full install dvd iso; thats how i installed mine.
when i attempted to install from usb it booted straight to grub scrreen??? is it stilll possible to salvage the isntall from the grub 2.0 prompt???? theres surprisingly not a lot about it online. i tried some commands from a forum i found with a simliar issue and tried the follwing:


this didnt work for me but i suspect its something to do with the fact i am dual booting macos and have 2 main partitions and a swap partition.

the /dev/sda1 is maybe not what i need?????
i stand corrected on installing slackware onto a hd using from live. However looking at Alien BOB blog full is iso circa 3,7 GIG using setup2hd BUT that he mentions the "lighter" iso (circa < 1gig) will not work using setup2hd ; my guess being some libraries missing

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