(Solved) Problem updating Ubuntu-based Mint


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Feb 9, 2022
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Hello, I am running Mint 20.3 Cinnamon (ubuntu-based) on a Lenovo B590 as my main laptop since some time. Updating the system never used to be a problem, but more recently every time I try to update it fails to download some of the most important basic updates. I am still somewhat new to Linux, I have noticed all the updates are being downloaded from "archive.ubuntu..." etc. etc. I have read something about ubuntu having problems recently with it's development and the update repo being less reliable. Is this true? Should I switch to a Debian based system like Debian Mint? If so, how can I transfer program data over, is there any cross compatibility? Sorry for wrapping multiple questions together, I'll appreciate any help

Are you using mint update? This itself was updated recently, if you are then try using the terminal
sudo apt update && apt upgrade
put in password and enter, then let it run, about halfway through you will be given the option to continue, just hit enter.
Thank you very much for the prompt reply! Ok so I updated with that command in the terminal and it seems everything updated smoothly with no fails or errors. Does this mean the GUI updater is currently broken since it's latest update? I guess I will just use the terminal then
I always use the terminal myself force of habit and all that, it also occasionally will update some software that Mint update dosn't.
The Linux Mint Update Manager works very well...but sometimes things happen but these will fix themselves.

You might try hitting...Refresh or Change Mirrors but I've found if you wait all will be fine.

I sometimes run...
sudo apt update

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