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Solved Ibm thinkpad T500 brightness setting Ubuntu14.04

Discussion in 'Ubuntu' started by Dave67, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Dave67

    Dave67 Guest

    First I am new at having a laptop with Linux. All seems well with my install of Ubuntu 14.04 but it seems that the brightness is at time odd when I close my laptop all I have it do is turn off the screen but when I lift it up it is dimmer than it was. My question does each Linux distribution have different settings for brightness or is it the same engine for all Linux in general? I know that there are setting some users have written conf files to change the brightness settings but I do not know if that will work for my laptop.

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  2. arochester

    arochester Guest

    Not a direct answer to your question...I have a Thinkpad X40 and the brightness keys work, Fn+"Home" and Fn+"End".
  3. Dave67

    Dave67 Guest

    Yes my keys work, still is dimmer than it was when i open it. I might check some setting see if that will change how dim it gets. I will post back if my idea i had helps.
  4. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Screen brightness is controlled by the kernel so it depends on the version you are using. But they are the same for each kernel.

    If the system is using Intel graphics then the brightness is either controlled by the intel graphics drivers or ACPI.
  5. Dave67

    Dave67 Guest

    Since this HDD is dying I was just trying out which one I was going to use and I decided to install Kubuntu like it much better than the interfaces of Xubuntu and Ubuntu. Xubuntu had some glitch with the mouse pointer and I got this weird artifact which looked like the part file I was coping attached to my mouse pointer I have to log out and log in again to fix it.. Does not happen with Kubuntu. I got a new HDD on the way. My brightness settings are fine now.
  6. Dave67

    Dave67 Guest

    I had the issue again to bright in Kubuntu for those of you that have to bright a screen in Kubuntu search for Kgamma you will need to use the command-kine since the the software center cannot find it. Once installed go to the setting and than display and monitor you will find gamma icon. This works wonders for my screen.
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  7. Dave67

    Dave67 Guest


    Kgamma works a little. As I got use to playing with the setting I find that the screen is either to dim or to bright when I try to watch movies in MKV format. I am using msplayer for this as VLC was just worse. Any ideas how how to adjust this screen I am just out of ideas.

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