[SOLVED] How to ssh from windows to linux via ssh-key


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Jun 13, 2021
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I want to ssh to my linux machine from windows by windows command prompt OpenSSH by ssh private key. I don't want to put my SSH password everytime i login to my linux server. I tried some googling but all of them shows how to do it by putty. I'm not expecting any solutions because there is no problem please share a blogpost or steps.
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Just generate a keypair without a passphrase.
Looks like i have founded the solution i needed
please read the steps first before following the steps :

1. In windows cmd prompt : "ssh-keygen" (this will generate id_rsa.pub and id_rsa key for windows **REMEMBER TO PRESS ENTER WHEN ASKES YOU PASSWORD IF YOU WANT TO SSH TO SERVER WITHOUT PASSWORD**)

2. In windows cmd prompt : "scp [location of windows id_rsa.pub] [linux_user]@[linux_IP/linux_hostname]:~/.ssh/authorized_keys" (this will copy windows pub key to linux server, the location of windows id_rsa.pub is shown when you gave the cmd ssh-keygen)

The only way have every generate a key pair in Windows was with puttygen.
No, its not the only way you can generate in windows command prompt by OpenSSH
I know it's not the only way. I made a typo what I meant to say was: "The only way I have ever generated a key pair in Windows was with puttygen."

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