[SOLVED] How can I create an ISO from a directory with many subdirs?


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Feb 25, 2019
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I'm trying to make an ISO filer from a directory of a Windows game (so that I don't have to configure wine the next time I wanna play it) whose total size is 11 GB. But mkisofs creates only 1.6 GB ISO, genisoimage creates only 60 MB ISO and whatever GUI programs I tried they all fail at some point. I even opened the directory as root and the GUI programs still fail.
So, how can I create an ISO image from that game directory which to include all the subdirs and the files inside them?

This is the output for mkisofs I get in a text file because it's huge and will make the post infinitely long.


  • mkisofs output rado84.txt
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When creating ISO's it seems certain tools, such as "dd", prefer to work with filesystems.
When I first install linux on a computer, I often setup a /dvd filesystem, with a size of about 4.5GB.
That way I can put whatever files and directories on that filesystem I want to.

Once I get it setup the way I want it. Just run dd if=/dvd of=mygreat.iso
I can then burn the iso to a DVD, or I can mount virtually mount it. (i.e. mount -o loop mygreat.iso /mnt )

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