SOLVED: Gentoo not responding to commands

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Sep 3, 2020
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I am trying to set up gentoo from my CD. It was successfully installed and runs off of my CD.

All commands were running fine with the beginning "livecd ~ #"

However, I accidentally typed "if config" instead of "ifconfig" in order to check my network connections.

The beginning "live cd ~ #" has disappeared and now nothing I type does anything.

How to I fix this?

I shut off the CD and have started this process again.

I again had the beginning "livecd ~ #".

I then tried to connect to my wifi.

I typed the command "iw dev wlp2s0 connect -w [my wifi] 0:[my password]" and pressed enter.

Now there is no beginning and none of my commands are working.

How do I fix this?
G'day @Meta Master and welcome to

I am moving this Thread to Other Distributions (as we do not have a specific Gentoo forum) in hopes it will gain attention.

Good luck.

Chris Turner

Hold shift+esc, then type :wq to get back to the beginning "livecd ~ #".

My overall problem was installing the network for gentoo, which was solved with this video tutorial after a couple failed attempts:

That's great news, @Meta Master and thanks for sharing that vid :)


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