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I'm trying to install slackware to dual boot with my ubuntu partition. I partitioned my hdd with 2 more partitions; one for / (15g) and one for /home (140g, rest). I'm doing this purely for a learning experience.

During the installation I select my current swap partition from ubuntu. Then I select sda3 (15g) for /. After that it asks me to select a partition for /etc/fstab/ and I can only skip the rest of the partition process or choose the part I have saved for /home. What am I missing here?

I used gparted to make my 2 new partitions on my current primary. Should I keep one empty partition then use (c)fdisk? I don't see the difference but I've also been pretty shaky with partitioning manually.

/etc/fstab should be in the root partition, odd that the installer will not allow you to put it in / ...
Yea, it's definitely just me messing something up, I think I have an idea though brb
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Sorry about that. I'm definitely new and like I said, I'm still trying to get partitions down. I think I was interpreting the setup wrong; that they were looking for more parts to add to fstab, not "what partition do you want mounted as /etc/fstab". Sorry embarrassing lol,
nephilim, you can only make 4 primary partitions. i would reccomend sda1=> /, sda2=>other /, sda3 /home (for both linuxes) and sda4=>swap. alternately, you could use an extended partition if you need/desire more thn 4 partitions. hope this helps.
I found out I could only have 4 primary partitions while using gparted. Swap is on extended. Ubuntu has one giant partition and I got Slackware on /,/home, and shared Ubunu swap.

I really need to do a lot of reading and troubleshooting with slackware, I'm still pretty green. It's not as bad as when I installed Arch via video tutorials, but I had no idea what I did and just went through the motions. At least now I have read a basic Linux book and know/aware of commands and file systems.

practice, practice, practice

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