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should i use onedrive to save everything i have before installing linux


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Mar 13, 2023
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So should I use Onedrive to save everything I have before installing Linux so that I can use Linux with my files that were on windows 10?

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W10 normally uses NTFS file system, but it can also be exFAT, both of which can be read and edited on Linux, Linux usually uses EXT4 file system which cannot be read by windows, to save files to an external drive you can drag and drop, use the copy to program or use a cloning program, sorry I cannot comment on Windows OneDrive
You can indeed do that.

By preference, I'd use local storage rather than relying on OneDrive, but I have pretty limited bandwidth.
We have unlimited bandwidth.....and I still wouldn't save stuff to OneDrive, or indeed ANY cloud provider. Not where I have a choice in the matter.

I have a GoogleDrive a/c, a MediaFire a/c and a MEGA.nz a/c, but these are for "sharing" stuff with the Puppy community. When it comes to archiving personal stuff, I keep it local.....even buying new drives to do so (where necessary). If the power goes down, or you lose your internet connection (or even your ISP might just be having a really crap day!), and everything you have is in "the cloud".....you're stuffed.

Nah. I mean, it's entirely up to you where you like to store stuff, of course. I'm just always aware that it's possible to "lose" access to "the cloud".....undoubtedly at a moment when perhaps you can't afford to do so. Local storage will always be best, because the individual usually has a fair degree of control over that!

Mike. ;)
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You can back up your important data how ever it's easiest for you. I use external usb storage here. Don't care for the Cloud stuff. Enjoy the journey!

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