Should I use Nvidia graphics only or nvidia-prime for maximum performance on my hybrid Intel/Nvidia laptop?


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Sep 28, 2021
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I don't care about battery as I'm always plugged in, I want to use the option which will give better performance. Will using Nvidia only and launching a graphics intensive program using prime-run be any different? The graphics intensive program will be run using the Nvidia card anyway. Will the give the same performance in the game/program ?
Also I'm a noob who doesn't know how rendering works so I'm confused if prime can actually provide better performance than Nvidia-Only. If I use nvidia-prime and run only my games using Nvidia card while other things such as my desktop or a web browser kept open, will I get better performance then using only Nvidia? Since all the power of the Nvidia card will be concentrated to the game and other applications will be rendered using the intel card. This might be a serious misconception. Please correct me if it is.