Setting Up Old Dell To New Linux System


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Greeting everyone, kinda very new to Linux system and technology, I have Dell Optiplex 3010, I had completely Dban(complete wipe off) the harddisk and wanted to install Linux as a primary operating system then install Virtual box and work from there.. the prob I'm facing is during installation process it just fails with a errno 5 error or code 10 either one come up. I had tried with Linux mint , CentoOs and also parrot but failed.. I'm not sure which part of the installation process is wrong. Any guidance pls.. I have legacy and UEFI mood. Should I change the bios for Linux ? (How to do it) and further what driver to install.. pls help me.. What I'm trying to do here is I'm thinking to set up my desktop as a primary system then later I can connect any of my laptop or any device virtually or using virtual box to work with it.. so my database with be just under my desktop safe. I'm tired of trying this more than 10-15 times by different different is and I just can't setup the Linux system.

Pls advise any different way of doing this or suggestions pls.


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