Setting up an access point?



I'm not sure if I titled this thread correctly, due to me not being sure of what it's called or if what I think is right.

I'll explain my issue to make this more understandable.

I am sometimes called by my neighbors when they have computer issues, one day they had a corrupt bootloader which I had fixed for them, in return, I was granted their WEP key so I can use their net from time to time.

Well my issue is that, from my house, I can only connect to their wifi in my bathroom which is closest to their house. There is absolutely no other place my laptop or any other device can successfully grab a connection.

I stumbled across my old router and wondered... Will this be able to grab their signal, acquire internet access and give it to my entire house? I went into the access point settings and it has an input field for an IP address and subnet mask. After seeing this I tried to do some research and from what I've collected what I initially thought seems to be a possibility.

I've already gotten the okay to do so from my neighbors. From most of the tutorials I've read, they want me to wire each router to each other which is not a possibility due to the distance from our houses, so I hope it can be done.

Is there any tutorials or explanations anybody can give me in layman terms so I can stop going to the bathroom everytime I want to check my email?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Padre King

you want to get a wireless access point device. Then you want to bridge it to their router, you will need its mac address and the mac address of the router. once it is bridged you can connect that wireless access device to your home network and should be able to reach their internet source. But if they are using wireless this will knock them off. So a better device to get is a wireless extender to put in their house at the closest point to your house. You will need a wireless access point to connect to this. A few settings on each end and you should be in business. MAKE SURE YOU USE WAP or WAP2 security with a good long passphrase. Don't want to be hacked by a drive by. Also hide the SSID once you have it working.
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