"set horizontal-scroll-mode On" in /etc/inputrc doesn't work for Bash


New Member
Hi all,

I want the input associated with my bash script to be in horizontal scrolling mode. I've done plenty of research and have tried the following:
  1. Put "set horizontal-scroll-mode On" in /etc/inputrc, export INPUTRC="/etc/inputrc", and put "set -o vi" and "bind -f /etc/inputrc" at the top of my bash script.
  2. Put "set horizontal scroll-mode On" in ~/.bashrc and sourced that in my bash script.
  3. Put "set -o vi" and "bind 'set horizontal-scroll-mode On'" directly in my bash script.
I'm out of ideas. For what it's worth (seeing this mentioned in another site), "echo $TERM" gives xterm-256color. I don't see any record of that in /etc/terminfo. Not sure if that matters or not. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your time,
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