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Hello everybody,

I have a website on "" (not made by me) and i just made another one on a virtualhost "". Sending mails from work fine but does'nt work from the virtualhost. I just want to use the same mail server for the 2 websites.

I don't get any logs from PHP, so i think that the problem come from the mail server configuration and i don't know where to find a log from apache about mailing.

The mail server is Sendmail.

Thank you in advance.


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Hello @Gollunk, and welcome! I'm afraid I am no help at this level, so I apologize for that. Perhaps @Rob will have some other ideas or maybe another user with mail server experience will come along soon. Not everyone checks in here everyday, so sometimes assistance is not immediate. Good luck!



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Yeah, I'd check from the bottom up. Check dns, make sure the mx records are set correctly, check the logs to see if they're getting through.. it's tough to troubleshoot without all the info.

Start in /var/log/.. send an email from server 1, check those logs to see if it left, check logs in server 2 to see what it did with it

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