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Hi guys, I hope you are well despite this crazy pandemic moment...

I was here some time ago trying a way to dual-boot EOS with Windows10, but I believe that the effort will not be worth it and that it would be more likely to find support from the community if I wanted a solution within Linux.

My main problem is to find a reliable text editor for the work I do, which involves formatting scientific papers. My experiences with free software (i.e. OpenOffice, BrOffice) proved to be impossible to work with the level of detail required for that kind of editing, which unfortunately I was only able to see on MSWord. Google Docs is not a good alternative either - it even received some interesting extensions that added more editing detail, but those were autonomous initiatives that apparently did not evolve or receive updates.

Maybe this is not a problem that many people face, however for me it is something that makes work unfeasible.

So I tried to install some versions of the Office package via PlayonLinux (2010 and 2016) -- just out of curiosity, gathering file pieces honestly borrowed from some friends of mine around the globe (you should know them) -- and both attempts failed. Apparently PlayonLinux/Wine couldn't find corresponding .exe files, either starting from an .iso or a standard installation file (setup.exe etc).

I would love to maintain my experience with EOS / linux, it would be cruel to reinstall Windows just for that. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it immensely


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I agree with Condobloke on LibreOffice.

Now lets look at little about text formatting and display . When i do say php coding on linux i don't use LibreOffice because behind what I see , the text has associated with it formating/presentation meta information such as font=New Times Roman size=12 you don't want that or it will mess everything.On Windows people also avoid Word and use Notepad if they are coding.

Now there are many editors you can choose from in Linux ; you mention Scientific papers.Well i believe those that do the heavy stuff use Latex for layout because it has availability of accurately repsenting mathematical formulae .
So what is the suffix of the files you are editing is it .tex (latex) .txt .doc
or ..?

Linux also for instance has the availability of latex -> html latex ->rtf etc .

You can also eg use kate text editor to play with regular expressions (regex)

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