search indexing and thumbnail processes makes system crash.


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Feb 28, 2022
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Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have a pc with Intel i3 10th gen processor and asus prime h 510 me motherboard and I have installed Fedora 36. Today I found that search indexing and thumbnailing processes are taking full system resources.

Maximum on my system I use ffmpeg tool and so when I start my system and enter into cinnamon desktop environment and open task manager I found tracker-extrator3 has 4gb of ram and 40% of cpu. I found another process called tracker mines taking 20% of cpu.

Previously while using gnome desktop environment I found that totem-thumbnailer is taking all ram and cpu resources and so I uninstalled it. At present I have tried to remove tracker3 package but failed as I am getting error as tracker is needed by Nautilus.

Particularly in cinnamon desktop environment without running anything tracker extractor is occupying 4 gb out of 7.8 gb ram.

May I know how to disable completely indexing, thumbnailing.

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