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When I search a file I have to write letters in a small searchbox bottom right corner in thunar. I just want to search files how I search in dolphin. Or just in windows. For instance when I type double "a" I want to find second file that starts with "a" in a alfabetical way.


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G'day @onurturali - from DownUnder (Australia).

What Linux Distro are you using?

I am guessing it is one with the XFCE DE (desktop environment) with your mention of Thunar.

The simplest solution might be for you to install Dolphin on your current Distro.

If you choose to do that, DO NOT DELETE Thunar. Just delete its icon once the new FM is installed.

If you delete the FM, you will brick your DE.

Ask any questions, and give us some feedback. We got none with your Canon Thread, and we can do with the feedback for our purposes and to help other Users.


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