Scripted silent installation of multiple software


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I want to script an installation of Oracle 12c, tomcat and run some sql lines.
Is it possible to do that in a script with all the configurations like the ones made on the GUI installer? And how?
Thank you, any information would be valuable

PS: The context is : I am trying to automate a depployment of an app on VM


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I'm trying to install Oracle 12c without using GUI, using predefined configurations (that show up on the GUI). Should I use some response files? How so?

It's not a homework, I am an data scientist intern so it's kindda payed (but does it matter)... The context is to deploy an app on a virtual machine using tomcat , this app is also connected to a DB. I did it, buy doing a step by step installation, now I have to do all the steps in one scripted file.

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