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Scaling mode in ubuntu


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Jan 14, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to Linux and as a cs player, I want to know if I can change scaling mode, meaning if I could stretch the resolution or maintain aspect ratio. Now in windows it is very easy to do so, but how do you do that in Linux Ubuntu?

G'day @Freez and welcome to linux.org :)

I note that you have the same question here under a different ID


You have not given them a lot of time to respond. You will understand it is an unfair waste of resources for helpers here or there to be providing help, researching for you, when those efforts are being duplicated elsewhere, and some conflicting advice may be given.

Please either close down your Topic there and continue here, or vice versa.


Chris Turner
I’ve posted here because in my previous post i havent got any help for over 18 hours. I have tried for days for this solution yet i havent succeded.
I understand, Freez, just so that you know :)

How are you playing the games, in Ubuntu? Are you using WINE or other method?

... and note I will be away for 24 hours - 600 km road trip, can't be avoided.
No, im playing cs which is native to ubuntu. But what im trying to do is to have a stretched resolution or have black bars on the side. Is this possible? Note: i have amd graphics card.
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