Saludos. Greetings, Sawadee Krap, Cio, Saudaçöes from Mexico city


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Mexican here from the big polluted Mexico city. Network administrator but more like just a technician. Outdated but trying to catch up. Not an expert on linux but I love the freedom.

Just married to a beautiful Thai woman and hopefully son to be an expat in manila (she has to be near her mom, besides the trip will be cheaper when she wants to visit her)

I work for a Casino company managing infrastructure for the halls, so not to much spare time. I joined to learn and if I can, to provide some tips on what has worked for me.

I like Football (soccer) and tv shows.


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Welcome to Linux. I am new on this forum as well but, I know of some really good resources to get started. An amazing author by the name William E. Shotts Jr. He wrote a book on Linux command line. If you look hard enough you will find a free PDF you can download. That is how I began to learn Linux and get into python. I must ask, what TV shows are you into? I am an unusual person who enjoys cartoons such as anime, My little pony, and Littlest Pet shop. I am also big into Sci Fi such as Star Trek and the scary Alien movies.


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Well thanks. I am an old fashion geek. Tolkien, Arthur C Clarkl, Assimov etc... movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Star Wars the first 3. I am not to much into linux, my work does not let me because everything is based on windows; so I only use linux at home.

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