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Baldi Giovanni

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I'm tryng to configure a Linux to work as a kiosk running google-earth only and I'm just following a guide about how to run it Without Desktop Environment that it would be perfect for me:

Basically if i boot in running from a Terminal this command:

  • xinit google-earth-pro $* -- :0 vt$XDG_VTNR

i'm able to open google-earth-pro but it will not run in full screen, and the actual window seems to be no resizable, even pressing F11.

In this workstation there is a NVIDIA Card but the driver are't still installed it could be this the problem?



I have limited experience with x windows, but I think you might be able to make what you want happen with options to the xinit command. I'd look at the man page for xinit and do some googling. I think there should be options to let you dictate the attributes of your xwindow.....



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Someone here has the same issue as you and says that version 7.3 doesn't work with the nouveau driver, so you could either try installing the nvidia drivers or installing version 7.1. Once you get that sorted I would try and think of something for the fullscreen you want, but it seems google-earth-pro doesn't have any command-line options that would allow you to start it full screen. Other option you could try is to simulate a key press using xdotool which would allow you to after the application is start to press F11 so you would technically be able to automate that in someway in combination with the startup of google-earth-pro.

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