Running Windows 10 VM in Pop_OS

Gabriel Caddy

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Feb 26, 2019
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I have convinced one of my friends to switch to Linux Pop_OS, he is extremely happy with it and achieving better fps in certain games, GTA V for example, However some of the games he plays don't work on Linux, not with Lutris, Steamplay, Etc, . So i came up with the idea of running a Windows 10 VM, but i am not sure how to set the VRAM above 256mb which is the max in oracle virtualbox, i am unsure if there is any free or cheap programs, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gabriel John Caddy

Unfortunately there's just some games you can't play if you run Linux as your OS. It's getting better though with Steam incorporating Proton. VM's help but they aren't the answer to playing all games. As you've found, 256 MB is the settting for maxing out your VRAM. I doubt there's a way to increase it. If there are any hacks, you'd probably find them at the Virtualbox forums, where the members are all there for virtualbox. Let us know if you find anything.
I use VMWare Workstation, but don't use it for gaming. When I replied above, I didn't see any setting for VRAM, so I didn't know if you could adjust it, or how high you could adjust it to.

During install it will ask you for a serial number. Since you're just going to run it for free and you're not an organization, just leave that blank.

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