Running a .exe in Lutris claims missing folder... it is not!


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Sep 23, 2021
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I'm trying to run an old, OLD game in Lutris. When I port the .exe to Lutris' UI and then launch it, it says there is a folder named "Archives" missing. it is not. I already confirmed it is running properly on windows.

What is curious that months ago, it was running completely normally, until an update came along. I'm afraid I don't have much more info to give. What could be the cause of the trouble I'm having?

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So I went around lutris and straight to wine using the terminal. This was the result.
How i will do it is i wil make a wine Folder with the name of the game.
then i will open terminal and use

Winearch=win64 WINEPREFIX="Winefolderhere" wineboot
after it has made that folder to a Wine folder then i would put this in the terminal
WINEPREFIX="Winefolderhere" wine "ExeFileHere"
when the game is installed into that Wine Folder i then would use Lutris to play that game.
here you can get an idia how i do it.

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Well, the thing is, I don't have an installer for it. Its so old it doesn't have any DRM, thusly I have been lugging around the content of the entire game on portable media for years.
So how do I install something for which I don't have an installer? Or you do you mean just copy-paste that into said folder?
Could I just use that instead as a wine argument inside Lutris?
doesn't have to be the installer could be the GameName.EXE
The WINEPREFIX="Winefolderhere is just to tell Wine what folder to use but it has to be a wine folder so by saying Wineboot after WINEPREFIX="Winefolderhere you make that folder to a wine folder if its not already a wine folder and the wine command is the command to run Wine so by putting in the commnad WINEPREFIX="Winefolderhere" Wine GameName.EXE you are running the EXE in Wine and you don't need Lutris to do that as long as you have Wine install on your Distro. also EXE don't need to be in that wine folder but i would recommend copy the game over to that folder to make sure it run 100% optimize.
when it come to lutris i would recomend install protonup-qt it can install proton version into Lutris then you can try using since they work better then Wine to most games.
when it come to lutris i would recomend install protonup-qt it can install proton version into Lutris then you can try using since they work better then Wine to most games.
Well, just getting it to dispense with the missing files bs would be a good outcome, but how does putting proton into lutris help with code injection?

This game uses code injection to place a custom shader into the game, utilizing dx11 graphics, but I could never get the injected code to initialize on Linux.
i don't know about all that i don't own TK17 so i cant say how it works or not. just that Proton handle games difference then Wine itself and you can use difference Proton Commands that Wine don't have. but its something you have to check out yourself also by running games in VK use DX API that can help with some DX Problem.
Wine does not support DirectX 11 very well hence you need DXVK - bugs are here - x 11
If you have WineTricks installed do
winetricks dxvk
have a look here -
get DXVK here -
i would recommend getting DXVK from and compilet it yourself and then import it into wine.

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