ROXTerm - default colour scheme



Every time when I launch ROXTerm, I always get its GTK colour scheme with black text on a white background, YUK!! Is there a way to set ROXTerm to display with the 'default' colour scheme (white on black) when it launches?
Thank you!

ROXTerm> Preferences>Select Colour Scheme>Default
ROXTerm>Preferences>Configuration Manager>Colours>Default
I don't have this option, but I make unchecked "Set text and background colours" option and now - I have "normal" console...
In case the OP didn't find a solution for this yet... you can go to ~/.config/roxterm[dot]sourceforge[dot]net/Colours folder, and edit the "GTK" file (which seems to be selected as the default color scheme no matter what). Then copy the Tango color scheme definitions from here: [search the web for Using Tango Terminal Color Scheme in ROXTerm, because I don't have the sufficient privileges to post the URL here], and place them into that file, essentially making GTK the new Tango.