Rock Roxx

I am going to be featuring a large amount of rock, and there is a blurry definition between Pop and Soft Rock, but I am sure we can accommodate all tastes.

I'll start this off with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), joined by Nash and Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash & Young



Just found this thread, and still listening to Gilmour, but somehow I knew I'd like you @wizardfromoz

Start a thread with P Floyd music.. Oh yeah.
Huge PF fan.

More of a Roger Waters fanboy myself, but Gilmour can certainly play.

I'm sure looking at some of the other contributions, I'll frequent this thread a bit.
and just to thoroughly bore your socks it....loud.....your wife will appreciate it.....

Salut d'Amour (love letter)
I don't a mind the fiddle and nah deaf enough as it is so I'll just play it low.
A little shorter, but this was the first song I heard from Arlo Guthrie. I heard it around 1971.

There are a number of versions of different lengths but this was the first I found today.

Enjoy "The Motorcycle Song" aka "The Pickle Song"

I am the cook in our house, and occasionally Elaine will ask from her recliner chair "Can I have a pickle?".

Behind the island kitchen bench, I will squat down with my hands in the air like riding a Harley, and motor along singing "I Don't Want a Pickle".

She puts palm to forehead and thinks "Knew I shouldn't have asked that". Makes her laugh, every time.


This is a song I loved to sing to myself as I cruised along on my motorcycle.
Philippines problem....(one of many)

Works just fine in Singapore or the Netherlands
Local news covered the story of the passing away of Steve Cash (73 years old) a founding member of the group - Ozark Mountain Daredevils - they hailed from the Springfield, Missouri area.
Steve Cash will be missed in the music industry, he wrote or co-wrote a number of songs with some more well known hits like "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" and "Jackie Blue"

Before the lovely ladies Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie joined the band, Fleetwood Mac had a hit with "Oh Well".

I heard it when it was released around 1969/1970 and at the knowledgeable age of 12, thought, "This band could go places.

Songwriter and guitarist Peter Green was their front man from 1968 to 1970, leaving them before they became mega.

Here's "Oh Well" by The Mac.

Interestingly enough, on Youtube, the song to follow was another version, by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, whom I also like - a bit longer, but you can compare.

We learned in another Thread here (TV) that Brian loves Seal Team - so do Elaine and I (in fact we call it Ciely Team, for when he was Booth in Bones).

An episode watched about a week ago featured the Team in Mali, Africa, sent there to bring back the body of a fallen soldier laying in hostile territory.

The following song featured, and after the first guitar lick and the voices starting I said "I don't know the song, but I sure as hell know who's singing it!". "Who?" asked Elaine.

"Crosby, Stills and Nash".

I had to Google "Mother Earth will swallow you" to find it, and it is off "4 Way Street" one of theirs I don't have.

Here are two somewhat different versions.


Tom @poorguy featured these folks at

#163 and #164

IMO C,S & N were near perfect as it was ... when they teamed up occasionally with Neil Young, it was just musical poetry.

A lot of people may not know that Graham Nash, of the artists above, was actually British, and was one of the original lineup with The Hollies.

He wrote this song with them, and I used to dance around singing it aged about 9 - must have been hilarious



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