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Jeremey J Wise

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I am trying to help a friend. New to Linux and coding. I am very familiar with OS / Hardware / Clusters / etc... but Post setup Database or service/ daemon,... that is where I understand theory but not practical knowledge.

What I am looking for is for recommendations for OSS stack services or tools that can fill in the gap of how to expose data externally for connection via REST or SOAP query. So that he can build a API front end to his data set.

Here is a diagram of what I have so far.


If this were a corporate business space their would be the traditional big vendor products such as IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, etc... But how do you do this with Open source?

Jeremey J Wise

New Member
Thanks for response. This appears to be right what I was looking for. Any users out their who have any of this in "production"? My biggest beef along the way with this has been too many envionments where their is so many SPOF that I struggle to recommend learning this path as nobody "would do that in production"... But this is a great start.

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