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Hi there! I've been doing research on and off on Linux since I started school this semester and am rather skeptic. Having used Windows variants since I was in grade school, I'm used to how things run and work on that OS. Recently, I purchased a laptop through my school and it was preloaded with Windows 8 and needless to say, I'm not really a big fan. I feel it uses too many resources and I keep getting performance alerts whenever I'm running a video on YouTube, or handling two programs at a time.

With that being said, I've been rather curious about Linux, but am somewhat afraid to break away from the traditional methods that Ive grown accustomed to using. What are the benefits? Is Linux easy to operate as a new user? What kind of crowd is it geared towards? Does Linux manage resources better?

My programming skills are almost nil and I know all the general know-how on how to use a computer (web browsing, file saving, etc.) I use this laptop mainly for school-work and learning new things (currently taking MIT OCW in introduction to programming).



What are the benefits?
Look here: http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/ That site has a bit "Try Linux without touching Windows." There is a better answer here: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2012/09/5-ways-to-try-linux-without-messing-up.html
Is Linux easy to operate as a new user?
There are many kinds. Some are, some aren't. Look here: http://m.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/best-linux-distro-five-we-recommend-1090058
What kind of crowd is it geared towards?
It is aimed at different levels from people who just want to be users to people who want to program the kernel.
My programming skills are almost nil
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