Replacing Windows XP with Linux

About an hour after I posted the problems I was having with Zorin, the unexpected automatic updates , 305 at 400-500 MB kicked in. After the updates completed, the computer restarted, Zorin worked fine. I'm going to keep Zorin for awhile.

One error I made during the installation was not selecting manual in order to partition. This hasn't caused any problems. Nothing was lost from the XP OS. Probably because I had over 100MB of free space before installation. Despite my installation error, and original impatience,Distro seems to be working fine. Only downside is finding out Netflix doesn't work with Linux. Not a real problem, because I have a desktop with Windows 7.

Ya, I had a feeling that was it. I've never ran Zorin before, but I've loaded a lot of Distro's that were slightly buggy until the update was synchronized.
If you still don't like the Distro you may want to consider trying a different desktop environment. The desktop can change the entire look and performance of the Distro.

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