Removing TimeShift folder (again!)


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Hello, I'm new to Linux community.
After I installed TimeShift, it caused the system fail to boot(returning to the password screen again and again), I was able to start the system finally after selecting 'Advanced options' on the boot screen and selecting 'Try to clear some space' or something like that and I said 'yes'. After that I was able too start the system normally, as it always was. Timeshift ate a lot of space. So what I did first is cleared the Download folder, that freed some space. I also uninstalled Timeshift, but there's still a 13 GB folder. In other words, the problem is similar to this one:
I also followed exactly the same steps like
-installing Nautilus file manager
-trying to run it as admin
-then doing sudo apt install nautilus-admin('Ubuntu doesn't install the required admin file for nautilus to run as root via pkexec by default. You can fix that by opening a terminal, then...')
And still got this:
'Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused

(nautilus:12955): Gtk-WARNING **: 01:59:05.974: cannot open display:'

I guess next step following that thread is:'
Next question, verify policykit is installed:

sudo apt install policykit'

But I got frightened. I'm new to it.
And I don't wanna do: 'sudo rm -r /timeshift' if I can avoid that:p

Can anyone tell me what to do next?
My system info:
DESCRIPTION="Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa"
GRUB_TITLE=Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon

P.S. I understand that timeShift is a useful sysrem tool. I would try to install it later and select a proper destination for the snapshots somewhere outside of the Linux drive, probably on a flashdrive, but all this should be done later and is a different topic. But for now I just need to delete the Timeshift folder.


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G'day R_15, and Welcome to


That advice is from the author of Timeshift, Tony George.

Read carefully.

There should have been no need to "Install Timeshift" is installed by default in Linux Mint 19.1
....and external hard drive is the better place to keep snapshots.

How much room do you have on your hard drive ?

click on menu, and type in Disks .....the info will be there

Could be a good idea to upgrade to 19.2...?
Open the Update Manager, click on the Refresh button to check for any new version of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info. If there are any updates apply them. Launch the System Upgrade by clicking on “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.2 Tina”. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Keep asking questions....all good !!

ps...worry about the file manager later....the current file manager (Nemo) works quite well.


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